The Very Beginnings…

MILKRATEvents participated in its first official event last night at the Reel Food Night, put on by the new collective the Youth Food Movement. About 250 people turned up to the Food Connect Warehouse in Rozelle to put forward a bit of cash and watch the new film ‘The Greenhorns’ about young new farmers in America and the small movement they are creating in response to the aging population of farmers there.

Appropriately, the Magnificent Revolution team provided a cycle powered cinema for the night, and participants gladly powered the projector. The increasingly popular MILKRATE milk bottle bunting made an appearance, as well as the re-purposed Moonlight Cinema bean bags. The Veggie Patch food van turned up for its first event too, providing us all with delicious burgers. A panel of action boys pioneering Sydney’s new food movement spoke some wise words before the film and I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired by the young people in this city and their enthusiasm and momentum when faced with the reality of the food crisis of the future.

Click on the above links/names of the different orgs involved in the event for more info and stay tuned to the YFM website for more film nights and their other upcoming events.

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