Mag Rev

The Magnificent Revolution organises participatory cinema experiences using bicycle power… the ones which participants ride to the events! This seriously cool idea for this concept is a group by the same name in the UK.  It has been lifted off the ground here too by an innovative and hardworking group of people who hail from Newcastle, and they have recently been powering some great events here in Sydney including on Oxford Street as part of the We Make The City program with the City Of Sydney Council, and another as part of an Earth Hour festival at the new sustainability centre at North Sydney called the Coal-loader. Milkcrate Events teamed up with The Magnificent Revolution to help the Youth Food Movement with the first of their new event called the Reel Food Nights.  Pics below…

Mag Rev also holds workshops for those interested in bicycle power and in building their own set up. This is in fact how I came accross the group earlier this year. Keep an eye out for Milkcrate’s bicycle power coming to an event near you soon!

Get in touch with them if you want to have a pedal powered cinema at your event, or just check out what they’re doing at their website:

I was lucky enough to find out about a workshop earlier this year on pedal power generators, and I went along happily and met Greer from Magnificent Revolution, who explained the whole thing in language which I could understand and paitiently answered all my questions. I have yet to build a bicycle powered generator, but intend to do so before the month is out! I’ll post some pics here of my progress.  Here’s to the bicycle revolution!

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