Milk Bottle Legend

I’ve had a bit of a revolution in my production process recently and I’m happy to report that no longer am I digging through recycling bins on rubbish night with my trusty head torch to so lovingly upcycle stinky milk bottles!

After the success of the beautiful milk bottle festooning, I’ve bumped up my production process and now have a relationship with Stacey from Bespoke & Grind, a lovely cafe close to my studios. The proprietor of more than a year, Stacey happily rinses the milk bottles he uses (cheers so much mate!) and keeps them for me to collect a few times a week.

You can’t miss the little corner shop at the Sydenham end of Marrickville road shops, as a large collection of bikes on the wide foot path announce its opening hours. You will find this bike stack continues up a wall inside the cafe and you can purchase one with your coffee. I highly recommend the coffee and the food at Bespoke and Grind, but its the comfortable and relaxed vibe which I find the most attractive.

You can connect with them online at their facebook page HERE, but its a meeting in person where the coffee, treats and wheels are to be found.  🙂

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