Press Start!

The Sydney Fringe Festival officially kicked off its epic program over the next month with an outdoor free party at the Hub in Newtown last Friday 7th Sept. Chris Lego, the Spirit of the Fringe, organised a great line up for the crowd and the Grounded Sound System provided sweet sweet acoustic pleasures for all the artists, and the Milkcrate bottle lights fringed everything nicely… See pics below…

Double Milkcrate Events this Friday at The Water Horse wine bar on Enmore Rd as part of a decor competition called DECORWARS, and also IN THE NIGHT GARDEN as part of Tortuga studio’s involvement on Hutchinson Street in St Peters, as part of a street long light installation by more than 20 local artists. 5

Milkcrate also decked out this year’s Mystery Bus with weird and wonderful vibes. If you haven’t heard about this wild adventure of an event then click here! and be submerged in one of Sydney’s interesting sub-cultures for an evening!

Check out the other Fringe Events… it finishes with September, so get involved!

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