Decor @ Waterhorse

Looking out onto Enmore Rd from Waterhorse into the installation: Milkpony!

Last weekend Milkcrate participated in the Sydney Fringe event Decoration Wars with a milk bottle install at a lovely new wine bar in our Inner West hood called Waterhorse. Its owners Marius and Grant were very hospitable to me and Emma’s ideas and gave us free reign to do whatever we wanted. Their venue opened right out onto the Enmore Rd, with double doors as well as the main door. We hung milk bottle festooning from the street leading inside and rigged the red clusters up above the table separating the bar from the street, creating a welcoming and quirky front entrance to entice people into the recently opened venue.

The competition was between 5 decor teams who were randomly assigned to 5 venues on Enmore Road: The Duke, Ra Bar, The Sly Fox, The Warren View and Waterhorse.  The clear winner from the night was Mark Swartz and friends, who installed live statues of Pub Regulars at the Warren View, taking out both the Peoples Choice Award and the Major Judges Award! Milkcrate was awarded a Highly Commended Prize for the install at Waterhorse as well as the Grounded team at the Sly Fox! Everyone won really though… The venues enjoyed the attention which the installation brought from passers by on Enmore Road, and customers enjoyed the fresh vibe in each venue. Photos of the other venues here:


Great night all round. Excellent concept to get community and business and activity all happening on a Friday night! Whatta night.

Installation was only possible with the help and enthusiasm of Emma Louise. Whatta legend. Diggiy and Izm are also thanked for helping to pack up after a boozy evening!

Sharky, setting up finishing touches to identify hazards for pedestrians!

Emma Louise and WATERHORSE’s gorgeous logo!

Where were you Google Street View?

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