milkcrate hanging herb garden

Greens From Crate to Crate

What green ears you have my crate friend

A green cube made from crates, 10m squared, planted out with thousands of edible greens, at Green Square Station in Sydney.

This is not a coincidence… it is an art project funded by the City of Sydney through their Art and About program called the Great Crate.

“Developed by Plus One, The Great Crate has been a collaboration of creative studios and individuals, including design studio Telly Theodore & Associates, architect Andy Macdonald and curator Danella Bennett.”

I heard about the Great Crate a few days ago via our old friend Facebook, where I saw an invitation for anyone to come and help dismantle the artwork in its final act of community spirit and new life… a free for all on the 1000’s of edible greens nestled in its holes!  Obviously I got involved!

We collected 100 or so little plants for our warehouse window gardens, bought a few bags of sweet organic herb potting mix (no drainage necessary the nursery man tells me!) and then planted out our future salad!

We love the humble Milkcrate here at Milkcrate Events, and it seemed like a good idea to take these little plants back into a familiar crate hanging environment, so with a little creativity… here is our picture story: Greens From Crate to Crate!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our appropriation of the Great Crate… The small but also quite great crate:

Final crate home in window sun

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