Sharky loves the bike power at eclipse festival

Eclipse Festival

We journeyed up to FNQ (Far North Queensland) to participate in the first Eclipse Festival held north west of Cairns in mid November 2012.  We got off to a bad start leaving Sydney, by overfilling the Milkcrate van with motor oil and blowing her up a little bit. This didn’t stop us, and we pushed on to Byron where we overheated and decided to get a working vehicle! We left her sitting on a street in an industrial area until we came south again a few weeks later.

After some team deliberation and research, we picked up some campervan relocation vans to get our crew and Milkcrate cycle power and lights up the country another 2000kms! We hired a ute in the lovely city of Innisfail and arrived at the festival on time to install the lights. We had to jettison all the milk bottles with our broken van, so for the first few days of the festival we collected milk bottles from the recycling bins at the many cafe’s on site.

Our  milk bottle festooning installation lit up the recycling area in the centre of the festival site, and provided festival goers with the opportunity to draw on milk bottles and reattach them to the string to light their mini artworks and works up. This activity proved to be very popular during the ‘impossible hours’ between 11am and 4pm when it was too hot to move!

We also brought along our brand new pedal power system with 2 bikes and a sound system. A big thanks to Tim and Rik for their awesome nerdy input which make this seriously cool contraption happen!

The photo above is from the amazing Sydney photographer Jon Davis.

Photos of our installation and of some other inspirational installations from the festival below. Click on an image to enter slideshow.

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