Dudes be grooving with bike powered sound

Reclaim The Lanes #5


The Inner West of Sydney came together on Saturday 9th of February to celebrate a life rich in community spirit, innovative sound systems, and to generate some fun times in our public spaces! The event is called Reclaim The Lanes, and it is it’s 5th installment at the instigation of Chris Lego, a local friendly spirit/dr/reverend.

More than 12 mobile sound systems gathered in Peace park and were joined by more than 1000 revellers, including families, pets and flags. We progressed through the lanes of Newtown stopping at a few choice locations to do some dancing and chalk marking, ending finally at Sydney Park where we continued the party till it started to get dark.

The event was a great instigation for groups to get together and build themselves a sweet new mobile rig for the day, so expect to see more mobile rigs brightening up the public spaces in the inner west in the days to come!

It was such a beautiful gathering of people and music, from the people, by the people and for the people, and we were super excited to be involved. Milkcrate Events brought along our sweet 2 bike generator and mobile sound system unit and we had no trouble finding riders to power the tunes! Thanks so much to all our sweet cyclists! You are totally awesome.

2 thoughts on “Reclaim The Lanes #5

  1. Sharky says:

    Pedal power right where you are now! Be happy in the moment and power your tunes together with your community. Full power to you mate!

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