Skunkworkds artists painting during MOST

Bicycle generators power the sound system at Skunkworks!

It was called MOST Marrickville Open Studio Tour, an opportunity for the public to get a chance to tour through all or any of Marrickville’s artist run studios and galleries!

Milkcrate Events got involved with our good mates at the Skunkworks Artspace and powered the sound for the weekend’s artistic endevours by an amazing number of local artists who came along to paint boards for an upcoming group show.

We are lucky enough to have a few acoustic genius’s on our team here at Milkcrate, and so we have awesome sound system’s to work with. We have recently invested in a super efficient class D amplifier and are able to power much more sound volume with only a few bikes!

Must say that we also plugged the battery for a few hours during this event as it turns out that artist’s don’t really like pedaling while painting!

Check out this link for more info about a BIKE POWERED future!


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