DIY sprouter milk bottles

DIY sprouter using milk bottles

This post isn’t related to sustainable events, but to my other love: making useful things from what would otherwise be seen as waste. Every piece of waste offers a sweet opportunity for creative reuse, and my favourite item at the moment is milk bottles.

Recently I’ve spend a lot of money buying sprouters for the people that I love, so that they can enjoy the awesome life giving properties of sprouts! But I’ve just recently come up with a design for a much freer sprouter which I’d love to share with everyone.


Collect and clean your milk bottles. Remove stickers. Cut 3 bottles in half. Poke holes in the base of two bottles from the inside, with a fork warmed in hot water. Stack and decorate.

So, assuming you know nothing about the wonders of sprouts, take my word for it: they’re awesome! However, my words aren’t nearly as good as Isabel Shipard’s, so check out the great free sprouting info she has provided us all here: Isabel Shipard on Sprouts

It’s a pretty simple process to sprout seeds. Soak em in water over night (mung beans need to be soaked in boiling water to crack their shells!) then pop em in your sweet new sprouter. Pour water into the sprouter a few times a day and gently shake the sprouts to adjust their position. You can drink the water from the bottom layer… its called rejuvalac and is very good for you too 🙂 Sprouts are ready to eat as soon as you like. Experiment with them to see what age you like them best.

My favourite sprouts are fenugreek, alfalfa, blue peas (thanks kate!) and mung beans.

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