White text and black background

The Milkcrate website uses a black background with white text for two reasons:

1. It’s more energy efficient. A black screen uses less power as it isn’t using energy to light it up to white.

2. It’s easier on the eyes.  My Nagypapa is my number one fan and a very interesting dude, and although he is the healthiest 92 year old I know, unfortunately he is suffering from Molecular Degeneration. He spends alot of time on the internet and struggles with all the white screens as there isn’t enough contrast and the light coming from the screens hurts his eyes.  This one’s for you Nagypapa! Thanks for all your support.

One thought on “White text and black background

  1. Ivor Farkas says:

    My dear Sarah,
    Many thanks for letting me have it and also letting the public know through your website about this wonderfully restful “white on black screen” ! By the way, it can have mahy bright, easy to see colours. I have this disease for many years now and had the opportunity to meet a few eye specialists, but not one of them seemed to know why some people wear very dark glasses, not one of them could give me this screen. I’m sure people’ll spread the news and very many people suffering from vision problems’ll benefit from using this screen on their monitors be they small, or large..
    Thanks again dear granddaughter !

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