Vivid Sydney Green Ups Ideas

Milkcrate at Vivid Green Ups

Vivid Sydney Green Ups Ideas

Sharky recently spoke at the Museum of Contemporary Art about how she is repurposing waste into lights with Milkcrate’s milk bottle festooning!

Invited to collaborate on a presentation for a keen audience as part of Vivid Festival’s  Green Ups program by super re-purposer Natalie Coultier from Belle Flaneur, (they make beautiful and awesome shop windows from materials that were destined for the tip!) and with the talented French architect Sophie Hoppe who has been designing buildings which reuse shipping containers!

This trio of ladies are kicking goals in the business world with ventures which focus strongly on using waste materials – creatively, in public places. They spoke about how important reuse is to their business ethics and of dreams for a future where adaptive design is everywhere. Reverse Garbage was of course mentioned as a reliable source of materials for those interested in repurposing, but really… waste is everywhere these days, so as always, start close to home with your own creative waste reuse.

Zev Bianchi, the founder of Protohub, also spoke about this sweet new venture which has just sprouted in Surry Hills; a co-lab space for designers and artists to develop their prototypes and works. He also told us about Bamboo plywood… a future building material perhaps?!

Sharky also set up a wee milk bottle light installation on the terrace outside, powered of course with the Milkcrate Events bicycle generator (which she rode into the city with the help of the new Milkcrate bicycle trailer!)

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