Bicycle Powered Stage

In Feb 2014 the lovely boys from Grounded Sound  collaborated with us to rig up 5 bicycles at the ACACIA stage within the groves at  Regrowth Festival near Braidwood NSW, to bike power their massive stacks of speakers!

With 5 bikes hooked up we generated enough power to get the subwoofers cranking nice and loud! We had planned to run the event for one hour, but the crowd was eager and awesome so we kept going for a 100 minutes!

Respect goes out to Greer and the Magnificent Revolution for the use of their system to make this happen… check out their website to see how you can power a whole cinema from bicycles!

A big thanks to the many cyclists who joined us to make it happen… it couldn’t have happened without ya! We look forward to the next Regrowth Festival happening Feb 28th 2015! where we will be setting up a bike gennie rig for participants to help us charge our solar batteries at any time they like!

5 bicycle generators powering the sound system



Cheers also to the BFG, our resident bike power DJ. Legend. And the infamous MWA for being there and making ACACIA happen.

What can you power with one bicycle?! Find out what else we do with bicycle generators here!

I love bike power poster

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