Waste To Art

Dumpster Art in Marrickville

Everyone’s doing it.

Using waste as a starting point for art is great for so many reasons… here’s a few to get the ball rolling:

1. It is a great place to start thinking creatively! Sometimes a starting point can be hard to find when making art, and a found object on the side of the road or in your recycling bin can be a great place to start using your imagination.

2. It helps to create a new consciousness about the place of waste in our society… if you can make art with it then perhaps you won’t chuck it so carelessly away next time. It’s time to start taking responsibility for the waste we create collectively and respecting the earth.

3. Repurposing waste is a great way to impress others (and yourself!) with your ability to transform something imaginatively! It’s fun AND cool, kids.

4. Using waste to make art ultimately makes us think about how we can reduce the amount of waste that we create because we have a chance to contemplate the sheer volume of it available! It is certainly a material that we won’t run out of for our projects and the price is about as cheap as it comes!

If you can think of any more reasons please add them below!

Here are some pics of the art installations which we’ve made with with plastic bottles and other ‘waste’! For more please visit our Pinterest page!

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