The beautiful Acacia stage

The ACACIA that doofed together

It’s a doof life. And we bring the Drum ‘n Bass ‘n Dubstep!

We are lucky enough to be a part of the MWA crew who made the ACACIA stage at the  Regrowth Festival a few weeks ago. It is such an awesome experience to be a part of a team of people who all did their very best at what they love to do, and the result was absolutely spectacular and totally original stage that knew how to throw a party!

ACACIA stage at Regrowth Festival 2014

The team at Milkcrate Events designed a super sturdy structure using a very cheaply available resource: steel scaffolding poles and swivel clamps.

The ACACIA skeleton

Then we sourced a roll of heavy duty white vinyl from our mates over at Reverse Garbage, and sewed it all into one big piece, providing the ACACIA stage with the ultimate weather proof shelter.

The Acacia stage canopy

We also sewed up the rear screens which wrap around the sides of the structure to complete the stage.

The ACACIA canopy - designed and manufactured by Milkcrate Events

The ACACIA canopy – designed and manufactured by Milkcrate Events

The rear triangle is kept free so that the backdrop for the performers was the gorgeous bush site. The photo below is of our session of bass yoga. The best kind.

bass yoga at the ACACIA stage

The design of the structure itself is based on the sacred geometry of the merkaba and we recreated the birds eye view plan of the structure using ring pulls (from tin and aluminum cans) onto the face of the DJ desk. The photo below is of our resident DJ Mantis MD

Ring pull merkaba art

We activated our collective merkaba with visual projections on every inch of the structure for three whole nights (that’s right… until dawn!) and it was spinning and pulsatingly gorgeous. There were also lazers. SO MANY SWEET LAZERS!!!

more lazers in your merkaba at Regrowth Festival more lazers in your merkaba Crowds enjoying lazers at ACACIA stage lazers at ACACIA stage

The stage site was peppered with awesome interactive installations to arouse the doof in all, and the performers and crew were all very dubstep. The sound system was very Grounded Sound. (website pending!) Below is a photo from the perspective of DJ ForkStab who is havin’ it.

1911616_266012970225587_1614339676_n dj ForkStab at Acacia Regrowth Festival

This was the best experience of our lives so far… mostly because of the huge crew of awesome people (you know who you are), with their beautiful ingenuity and their desires to do their best. We can’t wait to do it all again. We hope to see you there next year. A huge thanks to R.E.G.E.N for making such a beautiful festival happen and for providing us with this opportunity. We love being a part of your vibe.

Massive of thanks to the photographers: Pirate Photography, Matti MC and Ordinary Zan for capturing some of the action moments of ACACIA.

The beautiful Acacia stage

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