bike power in victoria park

NSW Policeman joins the bike power revolution

Seeing is believing on this one:

nsw policeman pedals the bicycle generator in crowd of happy people

We set up 4 bicycle generators to power a sound system in Victoria Park following the March In March recently, otherwise known to our PM as the St Patrick’s Day Parade. We have set up our pedal powered sound system set up dozens of times now, but on this occasion it received the best reception ever. This was in part due to the police officer who joined us, but it was mostly a credit to the attitude of the crowd, who were in good spirits after the March In March, having protested their belief in the power of community who stand together for the diverse range of issues they took to the street.

Our sound set up was entirely running off the energy from the people on the bicycles… so when the legs stop going round ‘n round; the sound dies.

bike power in victoria park

As is often the case in such situations, the local constabulary walked over to have a look at what was going on, and to everyone’s surprise, instead of reporting a noise complaint and asking us to turn the music down, one of the officer’s came over and joined us on one of the bicycles, helping us to generate the power!

The reaction from the crowd was a beautiful thing to watch: for a few moments everyone is seeing something entirely new and can’t quite process it, and 30 seconds later the bubble bursts and folks rush over to get their photo taken with the policeman helping us to make energy for the music.

As our MC says in the microphone: “Big Ups the the NSW Police Yo!” This refreshing experience was made possible through the use of the bicycle generators – they really do bring people together for a good cause.

This is one for the history books and we can’t wait to repeat the experience and shock everyone some more!

Can someone confirm whether this smiley dude was Officer Tyler…?

NSW police rides bike generator



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