Waste 2 Art Workshop

Milkcrate will be heading to Cowra in a few weeks, where we will be hosting a two-day workshop Waste2Art workshop for children, as part of the Recycled Art for Cowra Awards during the school holidays. Below are some pictures of the projects we made to illustrate to the kids what they can do with rubbish! We look forward to sharing their imaginative creations with you in a month’s time.

plastic bottles reused for art

The workshop aims to inspire youth in how to think creatively and to re-use products to make their own sculptures.
Milkcrate will provide guidance, tools, and materials for kids to make their own
3D light sculpture (resembling a modern Picasso) that can be entered in this year’s RAFCA awards whose theme this year is “Functional, Fantastic and Fun”.
The awards this year will feature childrens’ works with judging on Friday, May 2
at Cowra Aquatic Centre.

For more information, contact Cowra Council on 6340 2039.

picasso bottle heads in production

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