Creative Reuse Workshops

creative reuse by kids

“Cool” and “Awesome”.

That was the response we received from a few of the kids who attended our recent Waste 2 Art workshop in Cowra, organised by the Cowra City Council.

kids reusing milk bottles for art

Kids arting up some milk bottles

Each of the kids made their own awesome upcycled artwork to enter into the local Recycled Art Awards. During this process the students learned that Reuse comes before Recycling, and that Reuse is an excellent catalyst for our creativity.

reuse art plastic drum

We provided each of the students with a 20 litre translucent plastic drum which came from the local Materials Recycling Facility, and a huge collection of other waste material such as bottle caps, lids, ring pulls, and plastic packaging.


With the assistance of glue, tape and paint the students transformed these into their own Picasso-esque head, and then inserted colour changing LED lights into the drum, which can be triggered with a small remote!

led lights in upcycled art with remote

So, in conclusion, artworks made from rubbish are cool and awesome because the works are a relevant creative response to our current global situation as well as being practical and very disco… and there are also some sustainability lessons in there too!

kids reuse giraffe art

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