The future looks bright!

Like all the folks we admire and aspire to be, we are fully on board with sustainable life on earth.

We sport efficient equipment and use bicycles to generate energy for events.

We recently upgraded our solar array and battery storage capacity and here are some pics for your enjoyment from the roof of our studio!

Tempe rooftop solar milkcrate events munchkins solar array tempe


One thought on “The future looks bright!

  1. Ivor Farkas says:

    Dear Sa’rika, It’s heartwarming to see that you are not only preach sustainabikity, the only possible solution to the manmade maladies of our planet, but pracise it. The solar panels with your smiling face in the middle look lovely. Do the people realise that all energy problems could be solved in the huge deserts with bsolar panels ? You and your friends are miles ahead of the population ! Carry on with such good examples and may more and more people follow it . Show the WAY ! Lots of love, Nagypapa

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