The Efficient Grounded Sound


If you’ve been to this site before then you know that we have been regularly setting up our bicycle generators to power a phat sound system. If this is news to you, then there’s a wee vid below of one of these moments! Due to the nature of bicycle power, it is crucial the the equipment used is as efficient as possible, and the Grounded crew have sorted us out. Clever design and sweet new technology are essential so that precious human energy doesn’t go to waste powering dinosaur-age equipment.

Luckily, we have collaborated with a crew who take efficiency very seriously, and they operate no ordinary sound system. The Grounded System was built in Sydney by a crew of mega talented audio and construction nerds, and it is fast gaining a reputation for producing the best bass music in town.The speaker boxes have been hand made with efficiency in mind, and have a horn built in them which would stretch out to 3m if unwrapped! These ‘tapped’ horns produce lovely bass frequencies that are definitely worth pedaling for.

The Grounded Sound crew run a sweet set up and we are super excited that their website has finally been launched and that we can share them with the wwworld! Big Ups to all the folk who have supported them on the dancefloor and on the journey that has resulted in a big stack of banging boxes. We look forward to powering the full Grounded system with (many more) bicycle generators one day soon!

In the meantime, look out for our collaborations during street marches and laneway parties! Our next big fresh gig is on the 27th of September in Sydney central as part of the Surry Hills Festival.  Keep an eye out for a bicycle powered science party… it will be an explosion not to miss!

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