Randwick Eco Living Fair!

Another year goes by, and we are invited back to the Eco Living Fair, put on my the Randwick Council, to provide the participants with the opportunity to pedal power the music for the day at the bike space! The festival provides lots of opportunities for Sydney-siders to experience for themselves the practices and produce of a more sustainable way of life.

We particularly enjoyed being near the BikeWise mechanics, who were doing free bicycle tune ups to those who rode their bikes to the Fair, and also the lovely folk from Trolley’d who provided delicious beverages to hot punters throughout the day from their Ansett lounge bar.

Having done this stall for 2 years now, it is good to note here that the reaction we get from the crowd is certainly changing with the times. This time around we were encouraged by the numbers of people who keenly approached us for a turn on the bikes, and who didn’t refuse us when we offered them the opportunity to ride! Perhaps it was the excellent decor job on the stall that provided the increased enthusiasm for bike power, but we’d like to think it’s because people’s views are changing.

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