Its Not Wasted Yet

milk bottle recycled ring pulls art decor

Below the surface there is a growing movement that challenges the modern apathetic attitude to life and seeks to counter this through ideas like reuse, people power, prioritising environment over industry, using efficient technology, and implementing permaculture principles (this list could go on forever!).
We seek a better quality of life with a much lower impact on Nature, and we are creating ripples in the pond and the pond is resonating with our vibrations.
++ Ring pulls from tin cans, the bottoms of 2 litre plastic milk bottles, packing tape, pallet wrap, silver paper from Reverse Garbage, cable ties


I don’t often write posts in the first person, but this one is a special occasion. So here I am. I’m known to many as Sharky, and I’m the lead artist behind Milkcrate Events.

I’m stubborn in my drive to make art meaningful and to make a lasting impact on audiences through public events and participatory experiences, and I recently teamed up with another crew to help raise awareness about the destruction of our land and pollution and dissemination of our waterways due to mining. Locally its happening in our very own Sydney water catchment. I put on an exhibition to raise awareness specifically about the  Leard forest blockade and to create a platform for us to hear more about the concept of Divestment and how it works.

recycled art garden elephant

These Aloe Vera plants are pups of one of the oldest plants in my garden. These plants are quite drought resistant so they never die, and keep multiplying and shooting off new babies, that I separate and share with friends. Its the best treatment for sunburn and also good in smoothies.

So I made some art and we had some excellent speakers come and tell us all about the fucked up situation in Queensland where there is no hope left and the miners are taking over, and that all our efforts should be focused on stopping the same thing happen here in NSW… The divestment idea was new to me and a lot of over folks and as a result of the exhibition some of my friends have divested… and its spreading.

Egg Carton Optical Illusion recycled bottle caps

Out Of Our Depth: We are loosing control of one of our basic human rights: our right to clean drinking water.
Right before our eyes, our clean water resources are diminishing with mining companies sucking at our water tables across the country, access to water is being privatised and our catchments are being polluted by the CSG industry, and the basic human right has become a corporate commodity. Water is our most precious resource, and we really have to fight the industry before there’s nothing left to fight over.

The event was a lovely occasion, with locally brewed beer, and organic wines from Ascella in the Hunter Valley, while local DJs played tunes, and we put the bicycle tyre hammocks to good use, with the trashy jellyfish floating and fading through colours beside us.

Future Of Blame Art

Future of Blame at the loo roll dj table

I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to transform the space and make it a beautiful wonderland that hopefully inspires folks in some way, and I’m glad that it wasn’t just about the art… there’s too much going on that matters for art to be just about art’s sake these days… Keep in touch with the idea of divestment, check out the Market Forces website and also tell the miners to frack off!

plastic bottle art garden lids elephant aloephant


milk bottle led lights art sharky milkcrate

Within Our Reach: The future we are looking for is just there…Look out for the colourful flashing tunnels in life and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with new and amazing possibilities!= Milk bottles, electrical conduit, LED strip light.