Environmentally Sustainable Festival Stage Design

Imagine a future where waste materials light up our parties, and the sun powers our sound systems… At this year’s Regrowth Festival, we brought our imaginations to life with a Tree of Life and a grove of mushrooms constructed from used milk bottles, hammocks made from old bicycle tyres, CD mandalas, and a magnificent orb sculpture made from 250 tetra packs. These are just some of the many artworks which helped to make ACACIA at Regrowth Festival 2015 a space which inspires a future of sustainability in others, and for green festivals globally.

With a mixture of art and technology, ACACIA speaks to event participants through the use of familiar waste materials from their lives, re-imagined by our team of artists; providing an ultimate doof landscape for dancing and chilling out. It was an important goal for us to incorporate organic elements into the overall stage design, acknowledging the outdoor setting and the principles of Regrowth Festival. We achieved this though the use of lichen hanging over the D-floor, art works woven into the tree’s surrounding the space, and front and centre is our durable munter-fence, to seperate the crowd from the performers; an old climbing fig salvaged from the wall of a Sydney pub.

The stage structure itself was designed and constructed by us, for last year‘s festival. We were able to build on our work in 2014 to make this year’s show a more integrated space through the way we used technology, lighting and art. We were very glad to collaborate with the team at ANAMORPHIC PHOTONICS to install programmable LEDs in all the artworks and spaces around the dance floor, as well as the stage itself. The canopy projections combined with the lazers and lighting show to create an incredibly encompassing night time rave effect, moving with the grooving punters.

The stage itself was programmed and amplified by GROUNDED SOUND. These guys also put in extra love to power the speakers from our new solar rig, to increase our reliance on the free energy from Australia’s biggest natural resource: the Sun.

Environmental sustainability is the core of our mission here at Milkcrate Events; and we are proud to be helping to build a creative community of artists, engineers, builders and tech-heads who are committed to projecting a positive future around sustainability, and reaching audiences to convey our hopes and dreams in an accessible and interactive way.

Check out the photos of the whole shebang from KUVEX below, and watch out for our next project!