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The Plastic Free Experiment Begins

I’ve committed to take part in the global challenge Plastic Free July. It’s a personal decision to actively take another step in the direction of living with as little impact on the earth as possible. Lots of baby steps. And steps backwards, sometimes!

On the first day of July, (yesterday) I thoughtlessly said ‘yes’ when my friend offered to pick me up a coffee on the way to our park meeting, and it wasn’t until later in the day, probably by the time that coffee kicked in, that I realised I’d mucked up on my first day: that stupid little plastic sip lid that kept my coffee from spilling out on the bicycle ride to the park had foiled my good intentions to make a strong start to this Plastic Free bonanza.

So I begin this journey with a step backwards, but with a giant lesson under my belt: If I want to drink coffee whilst out and about, I must bring my own cup. Fair enough. I have a feeling I have a lot to learn this month about looking after my needs while not depending on ‘lazy’ plastic wrapped options.

I’m prepared for the big things, and will share some more about my lifestyle changes over the coming days, most of it is to do with food:

  • I’ve been making my own snacks on and off for a few years now, and my savory GF brekkie muffins happen a few times a week.
  • Our fruit and vege comes weekly in a large box from the farmers market, so I can freely eat as much as I care to!
  • I’m off to do some shopping today with a box of jars to stock up on bulk foods, so that I can prepare my own meals: cereals, butter, eggs, nuts, grains. There are 2 local retailers in my area that I currently know about who have plastic free options.
  • I don’t drink fresh milk anyhow, but I love milk in my coffee and with breckie and for all sorts of cooking adventures. I have decided to make my own milk with almonds: Soaking them, Blending, then straining through muslin. Deeeelicious. Soy milk can be made the same way with the very inexpensive soy bean.
  • This year I’ve been using a moon cup and have sewn a few of my own pads to avoid tampon wrappers and plastic disposable pads, and am totally converted.
  • CHEESE!!! This is a serious issue that I hope to deal with over the coming days. May have to make my own if I can’t

I’ve begun a board of visual ideas and sweet info-graphics over on our Pinterest page:

Living Plastic Free, which I will be adding to over the coming weeks.

There’s a lot of information out available on how to change simple things in your life to live plastic free, and putting these ideas into practice is a great way to develop personal habits that impact those around you, and help to support the growing movement away from plastic. I hope to contribute to this movement through blogging regularly about my experiences with living plastic free this month as well as creative ideas to use plastic waste items so they don’t end up as little buoys in plankton!

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