Old boots & succulents - together at last


Re-boot your garden

Do you get that feeling of sadness when throwing out old things, and think... it's not quite dead yet... it could have another life as something...

For about 5 years now, we have been taking old boots and re-purposing them into our rooftop-garden succulent-paradise, in Sydney.

Succulents are the perfect candidate for the conditions presented by an old shoe on a sun-drenched tin roof; basically hardy and drought tolerant!

We encourage you to make a pair using vegetative propagation. Take a cutting from one of those succulents that you admire on your walk home, it's also an opportunity to meet a local - it's not that scary, as most gardeners love to share their succulents. Let it dry out for a week out of the sun, then pop it in your soil filled shoe. If the shoe isn't falling apart at the bottom, drill some holes to allow for drainage. Bury the stem nice and deep to allow for adventitious roots to develop.

Shoe garden shelves.jpg

Hot tip: Even though you love it - don't drown it. Succulents thrive in dry conditions.