Providing a DIY space for creative energy-conscious kids at your event


Bike Rave

Get on a bicycle generator, create electricity and hear it working in action to power up the music!  The bicycle powered sound system is fully powered by kids, and cyclists are invited to add tunes to the playlist. Keen adults are also permitted to ride.

Welcome to the pedal powered party!


Science experiments

Step into the festival science lab, and help the mad scientists cook up some seriously fun (read messy) experiments. Kids can play around with ferrofluid, try walking on water, punch and dip their hands into non-Newtonian fluid, and make some elephants toothpaste!

Who knows what else will be cooked up!


Creative energy workshop

Do you have a budding artist that just loves to create?

Our art and craft workshops will be running all day with different activities for all ages.  Learn creative up-cycling techniques from our artist facilitators with materials provided. Try your hand at creating something to take home, or contribute to our group creation!