Loo roll DJ table daytime recycled

Festival Spaces


We love to help make a memorable celebration and we fully believe that the best venue is an outdoor location, preferably surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush.

Here at Milkcrate we specialise in providing decor (made from rubbish of course), as well as high end sound production and we also offer renewable energy sources for outdoor music, arts and cultural festivals. We have battery set-up’s as well as solar gear and bicycle generators to provide complete or additional power sources. Talk to us about your decor idea and we will work with our team of artists and reuse experts to realise your event theme.

We have worked on the following festivals over the past 3 years:

Subsonic Festival 2014 – Decor and Arts Management

Lane Cove Coffee Carnivale 2014 – Decor

Newtown Festival 2014 – Whole festival decor

Burning Seed 2014 – ‘Star Shitty’ Theme camp

Surry Hills Festival 2014 – Bicycle Powered Dance Party

Psyfari Festival 2014 – ‘Zoolu’ stage decor

Regrowth Festival 2014 – Acacia stage structure, decor and ‘Bicycle power hour’

Harbourlights NYE 2013 – Light Sculptures

Newtown Festival 2013 – Whole festival bunting

Manly Bike Life 2013 – Bicycle Powered Stage

Regrowth Festival 2013 – Scrub Stage decor

Eclipse Festival 2012 (QLD) – Milk bottle light installation

Loco Festival 2012 – Milk bottle light installation


Check out our Pinterest board, which has a good collection of images from the net of our work at these events, or click on the link to our blog post documenting our involvement in each event.

Here’s some pic’s of our recent works for you visual enjoyment, as well as a video from our ACACIA stage at Regrowth Festival! We will be bringing it back to Regrowth 2015 to help celebrate the festival’s 10 year anniversary… Save the date: 28th Feb – 2nd May!

Bicycle tyre hammocks

Bicycle tyre hammocks

loo roll dj table

DJ table made from loo rolls & fabric rolls

light sheilds
10150544_320041931489357_7022607125824973026_n2014-09-26 21.34.46surry hills fest bicycle power partyMagRevManlyBikeLife-(1)



Ring pull merkaba art

DJ table face made from can ring pulls

1456085_600391776706137_1756411807_n Harbourlights NYE 2013 kids pedal power the sound system Burning Seed Stage 2012 Regrowth Stage 2012