Arts ‘n Parts

( Creative Arts K-6 and HSIE K-6)


kids reusing milk bottles for art

At Milkcrate we love to engage students in a conversation about the environment and exploring sustainable choices together. We believe learning about energy should be engaging and fun!

Through our ARTS N PARTS session students engage with the rubbish that we create at home and at school as well as looking at industrial waste. Pupils look at where this waste ends up and its environmental impact. Children learn how to make sustainable craft item whilst thinking about the practices of waste management, landfill, recycling, composting and up-cycling.

Using pre-used materials we help kids make treasure out of trash! Our focus is on fostering the understanding of sustainability and reducing waste. The children create unique works of art, that are also practical, and serve a purpose other than looking beautiful.

Our workshops support the K-6 NSW BOS Creative Arts and HSIE Curriculum, and can be tailored to correlate with current class work.  Worksheets included.

Our programs are run by an awesome team of eco friendly warriors. We are passionate about engaging in conversations with the youth of today about the world of tomorrow and keeping them fit, healthy and happy at the same time.