Bicycle Powered Events

Bike power is a fun and interactive way to engage with audiences. Our bike generators provide participants with a real life example of their own power and helps to get many conversations started. We have used our bikes to engage with people on issues such as:

  • Cycling as a great mode of transportation
  • Fitness related health benefits
  • Energy use and generation
  • Sustainable living
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Healthy eating – bike blender events

Our bicycle generators are available in kids or adult size and each generates about 50 watts. With multiple bikes audiences can work together to power audio for the event at surprisingly high levels, as well as LED lighting, LED projectors and other low draw motorised appliances such as fans.

The bikes are often set up without any battery storage, so that cyclists are immediately aware of the impact of their inputs.

Our most popular bicycle power package uses x4 bicycles and the efficient Grounded Sound speakers, to provide sound for up to 50-150 people. We can also provide installations for larger events.

Milkcrate Events uses new technology and low power equipment so that audiences are impressed with the use of their own energy at work. We use LED light bars to provide real time data to cyclists to show them how much energy they are generating.

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Bicycle Sound System

Participants pedal to create all the electricity needed for the party!

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Bicycle Blender

We love to bring the tasty fun times to well deserving event participants. Everyone gets an opportunity to quench their thirst after a short and fast ride on our bicycle blender.

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Bicycle Cinema

Otherwise known as a cycle-in cinema, the pedal powered projector is a great way to get folks involved in producing the energy for the film.

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Bike Grinder

Our Bicycle coffee grinder uses the cyclists’ kenetic energy to professionally grind freshly roasted beans.