Bicycle Cinema

Otherwise known as a cycle-in cinema, the pedal powered projector is a great way to get folks involved in producing the energy for the film. In the photo below the event participants are riding one of four bicycles set up to the side of the screen which are generating the electricity to power the audio and projector to screen the film. There are no batteries connected and if all the cyclists stop pedaling, the film will stop playback until they resume cycling again.

  • This set up requires a minimum of 4 bicycles (for a crowd of at least 30 people/ 1.5 hr film) to power one or two 500 lumen LED projectors.
  • 10m x 10m space – if during the daytime, this installation requires a darkened room/tent.
  • Various screen dimensions and projection mapping options are available
  • x8 bicycles can be used to power a standard 4000 lumen projector through a battery bank. This set up requires a crowd of at least 150 people/ 1.5 hr film.