The Bicycle Sound System

Bicycle power is very real and very cool.

We have been using sound in our bicycle powered installations since we began, as you get a lot of bang for your buck with electricity used to power audio. People are alway surprised at the level of sound that a few cyclists can produce. The Milkcrate Events ‘Sound system’ brings the party ‘Milkcrate’ style with our custom bunting installation, local DJs and projections from our resident VJ Sharky.

Our installation uses our custom LED power bars to show each cyclist how much electricity they are generating at the event. Our team are keen to  explain the simple science behind bicycle power to those interested, and answer any curve-ball questions. It certainly takes the right kind of crowd to activate this kind of installation at your event, so get in contact if you think that yours would be suitable!


300 milk bottles illuminated by bikes at WaggaWagga 2017

Milkcrate-Stages-Pics (23)

Bicycle powered milk bottles,Earth Hour 2015