K-6 Education

Young people love riding bikes to generate electricity.

We get it.

What’s not to love about seeing your own energy put to work.

Bringing bike power and creative reuse to schools in NSW and ACT.

Our PEDAL POWER incursions support the K-6 NSW BOS New Science Curriculum, and can be tailored to correlate with current class work.  Worksheets included.

Our ARTS N PARTS incursions support the K-6 NSW BOS Creative Arts and HSIE curriculum.

Our programs are run by an awesome team of eco friendly facilitators. We are passionate about engaging in conversations with the youth of today about the world of tomorrow.


bicycle power incursions

Pedal Powered Education

In our sessions kids discuss different kinds of energy sources, electricity production and consumption, bicycle use, active health choices and new ideas about sustainability.

Arts ‘n Parts

Children learn how to make sustainable craft item whilst thinking about the practices of waste management, landfill, recycling, composting and upcycling.

picasso bottle heads in production

School Holiday Programs

Our school holiday program CYCLE-RECYCLE engages kids bodies and brains with a variety of fun, educational and healthy activities to keep them occupied all day long!