Pedal Powered Education

(Science and Technology K–6)




At Milkcrate we love to engage students in a conversation about the environment and exploring sustainable choices together. We believe learning about energy should be engaging and fun!

In our PEDAL POWER session kids discuss different kinds of energy sources, electricity production and consumption, bicycle use, active health choices and new ideas about sustainability.

We engage students in these concepts using bicycle powered generators. Through their very own pedal power, pupils develop a deeper understanding of energy production, electricity use, and have direct experience producing different kinds of light, heat and sound energy. Students get to bicycle power music at various volumes, a variety of light globes and a selection of appliances.


The day is topped off with a round of refreshing bike blended smoothies. Our bike blenders use real kids bicycles on stands, with a plastic blender jug at the rear of the bike.  We use local organic ingredients where possible, and avoid any ingredients that trigger common allergies (such as nuts and dairy). We operate under hygienic and safe work practices.



Our incursions support the K-6 NSW BOS New Science Curriculum, and can be tailored to correlate with current class work.  Worksheets included.

Our programs are run by an awesome team of eco friendly warriors. We are passionate about engaging in conversations with the youth of today about the world of tomorrow and keeping them fit, healthy and happy at the same time.