School Holiday Programs


Our school holiday program CYCLE-RECYCLE engages kids bodies and brains with a variety of fun, educational and healthy activities to keep them occupied all day long! 

Here’s the break down:

CYCLE to the beat on our unique bike powered sound system. With Milkcrate the kids ARE the ENERGY, the POWER and the DJ all at the same time… they pedal and the music plays! We set it up so the kids can pick the tunes and listen to the music they want to hear. If they are not riding, they are dancing! Whilst exercising the kids also develop a deeper understanding of energy production, electricity use, and sound.

Snack time involves a bike ride too, to blend your smoothie! Our bike blenders use real kids bicycles on stands, with a plastic blender jug at the rear of the bike.  We use local organic ingredients where possible, and avoid any ingredients that trigger common allergies (such as nuts and dairy). We operate under hygienic and safe work practices.

RECYCLE: When the children are not on the bike we show kids how they can make treasure out of trash! Our focus is on fostering the children’s understanding of sustainability and reducing waste. Using only recyclable materials children create beautiful works of art, that also serve a purpose.

All our programs are run by an awesome team of eco friendly warriors. Experienced in working with children, we are passionate about educating the youth of today about the world of tomorrow and keeping them fit, healthy and happy at the same time.

Please get in contact with us if you would like to see CYCLE-RECYCLE in your neighborhood!


led lights in upcycled art with remote