Milkcrate Events sculpture milk bottles

Earth Hour Picnic @ Lalor Park

Earth Hour was celebrated with real community spirit last weekend in Sydney’s Western Suburb of Lalor Park. This year’s theme was ‘Appetite for Change: A journey from planet to plate”, so it was fitting that a picnic fair for the locals was held by the Lalor Park Community Garden together with Blacktown City Council.

milk bottle sculpture reuse interactive

The Council booked Milkcrate to provide additional entertainment and art at the event, with a sustainable and participatory focus.  Amid plant and fruit give-aways, rugs on the grass and hundreds of face-painted kids, you could see our our bicycle powered ‘Earth’ sculpture spinning in the centre of the rotunda, in the beautiful grounds at Chifley Park. The work was made using over two hundred 2 litre plastic milk bottles, and bottle caps. The orb rotates with increasing speed when powered up and flashes rainbow when it gets dark.

bicycle powered sculpture kids activity

The installation was popular with people of all ages. Some of the older people stood around the outside of the rotunda watching the kids line up for a turn on the bicycle to make the ‘disco ball’ spin and light up. We also set up our trusty milk bottle lights, and invited kids to take a freshly cleaned milk bottle and draw pictures on the sides of it of somethings “that they can grow and eat”. Their interpretations were a diverse garden of produce!

milk bottle art

The event was a joy to be at, with lots of inspiring stalls and inspired attendees. Way to go Blacktown! We hope that other Council’s will follow from this and other similar initiatives and help make these sorts of community gatherings regular occurrences.

bicycle powered sculpture sustainable

More photos and details of the event at I Love Blacktown’s Facebook Page!