Illuminate light globes and young minds with bicycle powered collaborations!

Cycle Recycle

Teaching children and young people about sustainability through the vehicle of a bicycle is vitally important for the future of our planet.

By making learning about energy engaging and fun, you can increase their awareness of energy and conservation issues and the role they can play.


Through sustainability classroom activities, which include studying rubbish created at home and at school, as well as industrial waste, pupils look at where this ends up and its environmental impact. Using pre-used materials we help kids make treasure out of trash! This teaches them how to make sustainable craft items, whilst thinking about the practices of waste management, landfill, recycling, composting and up-cycling.

Sustainability education

High School Students

Using the bicycle generators, students cycle to see how many incandescent and energy-saving light globes they can power


The students also learn how how energy can be generated from from a variety of sources through interactive activities, including:

·      Bicycle powered light globes

·      Bicycle phone charging

·      Bicycle powered fan or water pump

·      Bicycle powered presentation with an LED projector

·      Bicycle sound system - cyclists can choose their fav song


sustainability activities for primary students

Primary Students

Our workshops support the K-6 NSW BOS Creative Arts and HSIE Curriculum, and can be tailored to correlate with current class work. Worksheets provided.


The learning goal is for the students to explain the need for the transfer and transformation of electricity. They identify how energy from a variety of sources can be used to generate electricity and how sustainability can be used to inform personal and community decisions on issues related to the current and future use and influence of science and technology.

They are encouraged to become interested and willing to engage in local, national and global issues that are relevant to their lives and the maintenance of a sustainable future. They can discuss how science and technology directly affect people's lives and are used to solve problems.

sustainability classroom activities

Large sculptures from waste materials

Students learn new ways of working with materials and engage with the complex networks of waste creation and disposal


Our programs are run by an awesome team of eco friendly warriors. We are passionate about engaging in conversations with the youth of today about the world of tomorrow and keeping them fit, healthy and happy at the same time.


sustainability workshops for children

Kids festival arts

Fresh entertainment for kids at events, with a creative sustainable twist